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Wireless Routers and Access Points

Adding wireless internet access for your customers and employees gives your business that competitive edge!
However adding wireless access capabilities can be a big security risk for your business and can cause performance issues with your network!
Below are considerations when implementing a wireless router or access point.
  • Is your internal business network inaccessible from the guest network? If not, your business is at risk from hackers and from virus infections on guest devices!
  • Are access to infected and malicious websites blocked at the router level, before virus infections and security hacks can take place?
  • Is the wireless router model checked routinely for security firmware updates? Router manufacturers are constantly releasing these updates to patch newly discovered security vulnerabilities in their hardware. Your business is at risk if you don't install these updates!
  • Do you have visibility as to who is connected to your wireless network? Routinely checking can identify security breaches!

  • Are your internal business computers given network priority over guest connections? If not, your business efficiency can be decreased by a slow work network caused by guest connections!
  • Are torrent websites blocked at the router level. If not, guests could be abusing their access privilege by downloading movies and other large files, slowing down the network for the other guests!
  • Are there any areas in your business with a weak wireless signal? This will cause slow wireless connections for your employees and guests!

We can implement a secure, high performance wireless access solution for you! Give us a call to talk with one of our IT specialists or to arrange an onsite consultation.

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