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Do you have numerous computer users requiring shared file access and application sharing? A server can help you by:
Providing one centralized point for shared files 
  • Simplifies backup to ensure all your important files are protected.
  • Easier to set and review file sharing permissions to ensure that users have access to only the information they're authorized for.
  • Eliminate duplicate files and control file revisions to ensure that users are accessing the most up to date information.

Providing one centralized location for network user accounts and passwords 
  • Simplifies creation, deletion and management of network users.
  • Simplifies password management and enforcement, including resetting of forgotten passwords
  • Easier to audit user accounts to ensure former employee's logins are deleted or suspended. 

Providing extra levels of data availability assurance and protection
  • Redundant hardware protection built into servers can ensure that the data is available to your users, even after a hard drive or other hardware failure.
  • Battery backup attached to the server will ensure that files are available and protected during power interruptions. 

We can implement a secure and economical server solution for you! Give us a call to talk with one of our IT specialists or to arrange an onsite consultation.

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