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Data Backup Solutions

Having an up to date backup of your critical data is essential for the continuing operations of your business!
However does the backup solution you have, or are considering, protect you from all of the possible disaster scenarios?
Below are considerations when implementing data backup.
Virus Infection Protection 
  • A virus can infect backup files on attached USB drives, network attached drives, and live cloud storage. Your backup files may not be usable if they are on these devices after an infection has occurred on your computer or network. Even if you have antivirus software, no antivirus software catches 100% of all virus threats! Your backup solution should contain up to date backups on offline storage.

  • Are your backup files secure from theft and accidental deletion? USB drives can easily be stolen if not secured! Are network backup file permissions set on network attached storage to restrict access from unauthorized users? Are backup files encrypted for extra protection?

Protection from Fire and Natural Disaster
  • Do you store up to date data backup files off site? If not, then you are not protected from severe disasters like fire, flooding, etc.

Recovery of Old Files and File Revisions
  • Can you recover files that were deleted months ago that have only now been discovered that they have been deleted? Can you restore past revisions of files from a point in time, including files that have been renamed?

We can implement a secure and complete backup solution for you! Give us a call to talk with one of our IT specialists or to arrange an onsite consultation.

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